With Senturion Key, you can open your supercar with a bracelet older than the Earth

why Are you so obscenely rich that you drink bottled water at 50 euros a litre? No, that is poor. If you are really rich, I’m sure that you’ll be able to afford a Senturion Key. What is Senturion Key? Apparently it is a bracelet, but hidden from radio frequency transmitters, which you can set to open the doors of your supercar. So far there is nothing special. But what I would say if I tell you that this bracelet is almost as expensive as a Porsche 911 and older than the Earth?

The radio frequency transmitters can be programmed to open the doors of cars supercars or high-end. Does not work with brands “poor”.

What happens is that each of the Senturion Key is made-to-measure, and the material used is not gold, precious stones or high quality leather. It is much more exclusive than that. Is rock from a meteorite, that has traveled the galaxy for 4000 million years ago. Our planet has an age of only 4,600 million years. Congratulations, you can open your car with a bracelet composed of rock older than the Earth. Do you feel better? Wristbands can appreciate your pattern Widmanstätten, unique to each meteorite.

senturion-key-4This piece of star dropped on our planet has been molded with a winch of numerical control and subsequent laser cutting of high accuracy. The stone galactic form the core of this bracelet, which is then coated in rubber and metals of various kinds. By different type I mean silver, or rose gold. What you thought would be simple steel with a shiny finish? The bracelet has a locking mechanism similar to a clock, and the company sells it as a fashion accessory for the richest 1% of the planet.

What is the price of this madness?

There are several versions of the Senturion Key, whose function is only to open the doors of the supercar that you have in the garage. The most pobretones can purchase the model Black Quantum VBR, only 30.880 pounds sterling. This version of access to the Senturion Key is not stone galactic, only rose gold. You will have to pay £ 2,000 more if you want it in white color. A real shame. If you want it to be composed of stone from a meteorite, you must shell out at least 60,000 pounds sterling.

senturion-key-7Is the price of a Lotus Evora last model or the price of a Porsche Cayman GTS. You’ll even be able to buy a Porsche 911, if you put just a few more bills on the table. The more expensive version – called the Hydra Supernova Heavyweight V6 AST – costs a whopping 68.980 pounds sterling, at the current exchange rate, we speak of nearly 90,000 euros. We imagine that if you have such amount of money to spend on a key, it will not open a simple Dacia Sandero. Senturion Key has sponsored the team of F1 Lotus.

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