With the former Concept, Mitsubishi gives us an insight of the aesthetics of the next ASX

Few doubts remain that the future of Mitsubishi are SUVS, and electric vehicles. One example of this is the Mitsubishi eX Concept that the brand exhibits this week at the Tokyo motor show.

Mitsubishi-eX-Concept-3And[19459010a]mong the developments that Mitsubishi led this week to the Tokyo motor show, is the former Concept. It is an SUV electric, that after its arrival to the market would be located below the ASX.

But at the same time, this conceptual work serves as a design exercise that allows us to know where to point the aesthetics of the upcoming products of the japanese brand. The highlight of the exterior is the front, dominated by a grille that takes the format of a huge letter X, and which is accompanied by a few optical groups extremely thin. In addition, as could not miss in any current design, the roof is of floating point type

Mitsubishi-eX-Concept-1in Addition, the former Concept allows you to know certain technologies that gradually become part of the new products from Mitsubishi, such as projecting information on the windshield, and the augmented reality system.

Under its bonnet lies an electric propulsion system that is combined with all-wheel drive, a new generation of batteries and a range of up to 400 kilometres with a full load. Power is provided by two electric motors 94 hp each, one for the front axle and another for the rear. The thrusters take its energy from a package of lithium-ion batteries with 45 kWh.

Mitsubishi eX Concept will begin to occur sometime between 2017 and 2019, so that his arrival in the market will happen by 2020. In terms of positioning, is expected to be positioned below the next ASX.