With the gas station in tow: why was the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Tanker a tank 138 litres?

When Chevrolet launched the Corvette Sting Ray at the beginning of the year 1963, I knew that a select group of customers would be racing with the Corvette. For them he designed the optional package Z06, that for an additional amount of 1.818, $ 45 – the price of a car basic back – transformed to the Sting Ray in a beast devouring asphalt. The name Z06 has survived until today in the Corvette more powerful and focused to the circuit. What you may not know is that these first Z06’s were known as “Tanker”. Why?

Only 199 Z06’s were made in 1963, and only 63 units were the huge tank of 138 litres.

“Tanker” is in american English a word whose meaning is “truck pump”. This is because the first Corvette Z06 manufactured had as part of your equipment package, the option NP 03. A tank of fuel that was left in ridiculous 75 litre tank as standard. The Sting Ray Z06 Tanker had a fuel tank of 138 litres capacity. A figure more typical of a commercial vehicle or a vehicle of endurance competitions. There go the shots of this interesting extra.

corvette-z06-tanker-3All of the Corvette Z06 in 1963 were equipped with a – engine V8 327 cubic inches, 5.4 liters to the us we stand for in the metric system. Although it was a motor equipped with mechanical injection Rochester, its 360 horses were always extremely thirsty. If in circulation usual it was a car whose consumption did not go down to 15-18 l/100 km, we can understand that a tank of 138 litres would be a good consideration for endurance events. Maybe you could survive for about 400 miles without refueling.

Their drums front were of 11.2 inches and were ventilated pear better performance in circuit.

in Addition to a giant fuel tank, Corvette Sting Ray Z06 had lightweight wheels made of aluminum, stabilizer bars front of the highest caliber and a firmer suspension. Although its braking equipment consisted of drums, they were oversized on both axes, as well as ventilated. On the rear axle, a limited slip Positraction with a final development of 3,70:1. Only 63 Sting Ray Z06 Tanker were manufactured in 1963, as Chevrolet soon softened the modifications to the pack Z06.

corvette-z06-tanker-2To the commercial success of this pack optional, Chevrolet allowed his association with the Corvette Sting Ray convertible, which could not carry the larger tank. The tank 138 litres ceased to be a series, although one could order separate by paying an extra. The wheels were steel instead of aluminum. The goal of these changes was lower the price of the pack, Z06, which was reduced to 1.293, $ 35. Only 199 Z06 Coupes were made in 1963, and the unity of your screens was one of the first.

Will be auctioned by Mecum in Houston on April 16.

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