With the Lamborghini Urus, the manufacturer expects to double its sales


The Lamborghini Urus will allow doubling the production of the manufacturer in less than 3 years

Lamborghini expects that by 2019 have doubled the production of vehicles thanks to the arrival of their SUV earlier previsualizado with the prototype Lamborghini Urus Concept. Stefano Domenicali and, CEO of Lamborghini, has stated that his estimates are around the 7,000 units produced during 2019.

To the boss of Lamborghini, the Urus will be a key piece in the history of Sant’agata Bolognese, a turning point that will change many aspects within the brand, but that does not affect the distinguished sporting focus in always on their models.

Domenicali expresses his desire to limit lto the production of its sports to 3,500 units per year to not dilute the aura of exclusivity of these, however, is estimated to produce at least the same number of units of its SUV depending on the demand exerted on the same. This means that by 2019 it is estimated that the global production of the brand ascend to the 7.000 unidades.


The Urus will be the SUV more sporty there

7.000 units per year for the 2019

They have invested a lot of effort financially and personally to reach these objectives, the production plant has been extended until the 150,000 m2, almost double what it was before, and 500 new employees have been added to the template. On the other hand the network of distributors will increase to reach more customers reaching the 160 establishments from the current 132.

it Seems that the new vehicle-cut family enjoys special attraction in the american market, one of the most important to the manufacturer. During the year 2015 Lamborghini broke its own sales record with 3.245 vehicles throughout the world, of which over 1,000 were to stop on the other side of the puddle.

The Lamborghini Urus will be a luxury SUV and high-performance designed for all those loving the sportsmanship of the italians may share your passion with the family. A Lambor more practical four-seater with which to expand the experience of the supercars of the brand, or to start to ella.


Thanks to the success of the Urus Lamborghini we can continue delighting us with supercars such as the Centenary Roadster without major concerns.

it Will go on sale in 2018 for a price of output around the $ 200,000. In principle it will have a mechanical petrol V8 Twin Turbo, however the coexistence with the vehicle may be cleaner thanks to a version hybrid plug-in, and even the rumors speak of a possible alternative electric power which will come later.

To much may be a sacrilege of the firm as in their time happened in the Porsche, but what is certain is that the success of the Urus will be able to develop best sports without much concern for emissions thanks to the global reduction that will represent the new engines of the SUV.