With the money, Volkswagen will create a center for the air in the US

Dieselgate Volkswagen Group has been one of the hacks more important to the environment and to the credibility of a firm car in the history of the sector. Since it was discovered the cake, which the German conglomerate had cooked for their diesel engines in the united States, the consequences have left a note in its internal structure and account of results.

This caught “big time” has meant that change their strategy for the future, leaving behind the mechanical diesel and opting for electric vehicles. However, their responsibilities are not issued, and despite the fact that the consequences will not be as large as expected if you can do good things. Finally the redemption of the Volkswagen Group will arrive via stub, well, today has done no more than drop pasta liberally.

One of the agreements that were reached by the lawyers of the Volkswagen Group with the authorities of the united States was pay a good amount of money. In this way they prevented the judicial process to which they should undergo, and of step not just with its image in the american continent. The total amount that have been paid has not been confirmed (there are estimates) but it is known that the last part of the money has already been satisfied by the German group this summer.

final payment has been $ 153 million and it went directly to the current accounts of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) or Air Resources Board of California. According to the agency, with the money that they received from the Volkswagen Group will build a center for air quality in which will count with a laboratory for the analysis of pollutant emissions to the cars.

This center will be built in Riverside, close to facilities that have the University of California and will be valued at 419 million dollars. According to Mary Nichols, responsible maximum of the CARB, the center will be enabled so that you can to measure the emissions of the cars reliably in order that the manufacturers may not be able to commit more fraud against the environment and the health of the consumers of the united States.

Source – California Air Resources Board (CARB)

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