With the new BMW 5 Series, you’ll be able to see everything that happens around your car even when you’re away from him

little by Little we still know, of the hand of the own BMW, new details on the next BMW 5-Series, on the BMW 5 Series 2017. We have seen pictures of the car still camouflaged, we have speculated about some of its features, and now… now BMW teaches us a function of the more eye-catching that will incorporate.

Between the (technological aspects of this new BMW 5 Series, which surely will not be precisely ill-served of gadgets, we find ourselves with a system of cameras that provides us with a vision of 360, something that we have already seen in many other cars, models, generalists even, but…

BMW will offer us the possibility to see remotely what is happening around our car thanks to this camera system. For example, we can stay more comfortable while we eat dinner, we have a bad hunch about what might be happening to our car, watching, from the comfort of our smartphone, the surrounding area of our car.

This new generation of the BMW 5-Series will debut at the next Paris Salon or in the Salon of Detroit. You can read more about this model in the article “BMW teaches us, still camouflaged, the new BMW 5-Series, the “mini-BMW series 7” that soon we will know”.

Video system for remote viewing of the BMW 5-Series: