With these sketches, BMW shows us his M8 GTE Le Mans

For a mark to be considered as reliable and respected in the automotive industry, has ploughed a good sporty image. All great firm worth its salt has a sport palmares worthy of noting, as examples, we have Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi or Ford. Therefore, when it comes to stand above the competition it is best to sign up for a great sporting event and to bring the best model that have been developed in recent years.

BMW is one of the brands that best defines the word sportsmanship. For shows we have the work done by his division sports M and how it reflected in their cars. This is one of the most important parts of your business, because it gives a luster extremely eye-catching to their models. Thanks to this, the German firm is in the place of the market where it is today and soon will show what they are capable of.

Endurance World Championship (WEC) and 24 Hours of Le Mans will be the scenarios chosen to show the great BMW M8 GTE. This model is derived directly from the Series 8 that the German firm will market (with version M8 included, of course) in not much time. However, before it comes official on the market, they want to strengthen their positioning sport to triumph in the two quotes mentioned above.

To whet your appetite, the responsible BMW have decided to release these two sketches that show the design which will have this M8 GTE. Its design stands out, above all, by its broad front hood, with a cabin, small and delayed, and by his broad back topped by a large spoiler. This picture is complemented by the excellent aerodynamic package that has to provide you with a spectacular design (as stated by Jens Marquardt Director BMW Motorsports), and a grip vertical very high when going through a curve.

homologation of the BMW M8 GTE enables the firm to participate in both competitions without major or complex changes to the model. Since its conception it took into account this fact, so that its dynamic ability will be out of all doubt when you get the model of street.

Source – BMW

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