With you the new Proton Persona, the signature malay update your sedan

Proton Persona 2016For those who don’t know, Proton is a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles malay. It was founded in 1983 under the direction of the then Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad. The name Proton is derived from the acronym of Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional, and is the only manufacturer in the national of malay origin. In addition, as a curiosity, Proton is the owner since the mid-nineties, the sports car manufacturer English Lotus Cars.

That Proton is a company of malay origin does not prevent him from being one of the firms that more sales you have in the asian continent. In addition, currently is present in more than 50 countries, among them great part of Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and some markets of continental Europe. For this purpose, has a range of products very wide based, above all, in products of other manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi.

Proton Persona 2016In 2007 went on sale the first Proton Persona, as a replacement for the Wira. That model had a length of 4,47 meters and had a body sedan which houses a large interior capacity. To do this you had to join a trunk of 430 liters capacity. Mechanically it was moved by a block gasoline 1.6 liters of displacement and 16 valves which delivered a power of 110 hp.

an aesthetic level the change will be radical, as can be seen in the single image provided by the brand. Leave behind these lenses front, with a taste of MG, to go to mount headlights with a design that is more stylized. Headlights anti fog grow larger and are protected by the new and angular shapes of the bumper front. The back part we can’t see it, but it is conceivable that also will receive substantial improvements.

Proton Persona 2016With regards to your cabin, introduces substantial improvements with respect to the Person currently on sale, both at the level of design and material. Where yes it will improve a lot will be on your equipment, since the brand has announced items such as the opening and hands-free start, automatic high beam lights, assistant hill start, ESP, six airbags or ISOFIX.

The range mechanical will use the same fuel (gas) and have the same power rating, 110 hp, extracted from a new block 1.6 VVT. This mechanic will only be associated to a manual change 5 relations or one auto in, although the brand has not yet confirmed the features of this.

To end it is to be mentioned that the new Proton Persona only be sold in the principal markets of Asia. A shame, because with a few mechanical to the european taste, and a price knockdown could be the bane of Dacia.

Source – Proton