Without better alternative to the current format of Grand Prix


it is Not a secret that the Friday of Grand Prix are very attractive, to the public. The lack of competition real-and in many cases, the prolonged absence of cars on the track cause that the number of people on the track and in front of the tv to be lower than in the following days. The introduction of a new format of Grand Prix more interesting is a recurring issue and the events that happened in Sochi and Austin united for the statements of any of the riders in the paddock has returned to pick up the hare. Is there a better format for the current F1?

Can be, but for the moment, the FIA does not find a better format for the GP of F1. Jean Todt believes that a format in two days is not a step forward for the category. Despite the examples that are lived in Sochi with the problems of cleaning track and the subsequent accident of Carlos Sainz and the weekend zipped in Austin due to hurricane Patricia, the head of the FIA understands that it is not the right solution, although recognized that there are conversations for the current format of three days can be modified if there is a suitable solution.

we have Not found any option that is better than the current. If there is any proposal that really shows a step forward, we will not be against it” explains Jean Todt, to add the following: “I am Not a developer and maybe we will have to look at it from their point of view because they finance every end of the week. Whenever we say that you should shorten your weekend of GP, will be against it. In fact, I feel that there should be a program even more large for them . As I say, we have not had a better proposal to the one we have now”.