Without losing a shred of personality: this filters the new Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is one of my utilitarian favorites. It is not the most technological, nor the most spacious, nor the most powerful. But its Sport version is one of the cars more fun currently on sale and even with a limited range of engines, has a curious version 4×4 and a healthy personality aesthetics. The current generation was introduced 5 years ago, and its the end of the cycle is about. it seems to have been leaked to the internet sketches about how will your next generation. And what is true is that we can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Swift will continue positioning itself below the new Suzuki Positioned, as a B-segment well defined.

internal Sources of Suzuki have confirmed that this sketch is one of the proposals for design of the next generation, which could be slightly modified during the approval phase. But all in all, I should not have too many changes in the final model. In the front there is a clear inspiration in the family is Positioned, newly released. The profile is a clear nod to the current and previous generation, with a large glass area and a considerable height. Have you seen the shape of the new C-pillar?

suzuki-swift-filtracion-5In the behind we also have eye-catching details. A nice LED optical systems and two exhaust outlets twin, which showed that this sketch corresponds to a Sport version. The red car appears to be a more conventional. It has also been leaked a picture of the inside. Suzuki never risk with the interiors of its vehicles, and despite the fact that the inside of this Swift is modern and attractive, it is still not as eye catching as rivals. It is expected that, yes, a ergonomics very good and improving qualities.

suzuki-swift-filtracion-1Where yes there will be changes is in the range of engines. With the exception of some engine access, the range Swift to the full could become 100% turboalimentada. It will boot to a 1.2 Duajet 90 HP, and could be expanded with a 1.0 Boosterjet – turbo three – cylinder with 112 horsepower. The engine stop range may be a new 1.4 Boosterjet four-cylinder and 140 HP. Already released in, the Suzuki Vitara and it could mean the end of the 1.6 a maximum power of 136 HP of the current Swift Sport. It would be a real shame.

This new Suzuki Swift could be presented in the Paris Salon of this year, or perhaps in Geneva, 2017.

Source: Coach
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