Wolff admits interest in Allison: “The F1 will depend on the chassis”


In 2014 came the thrusters hybrids to the Formula 1 and the name ‘engine’ fell short, coming in the fashion of the ‘units of power’ or ‘thrust’. And is that, technically, the combustion engine remained, but they joined the LRA formed by batteries, recovering energy (MGU-H and MGU-K) and the ecu that controls it, forming thus a unit in charge of driving the car that consisted of something more than an engine.

And if a brand has been shown to dominate the thruster units of current, that is Mercedes, which from the beginning has served as a reference for brands as prestigious and with as much track record in engines as Ferrari, Renault and Honda. But the years pass and the stability of the regulatory in this section has led to the performance go converging, something that is expected to intensify even more the disappearance of the token system.

The quality of the chassis, the key

in this respect, Toto Wolff recognises that the former Technical Director of Ferrari, James Allison, is an engineer with a sufficient level as to be taken into account by any of the equipment from the grill and Mercedes, who has lost Paddy Lowe recently, is the main candidate to recruit. “Our technical team is very strong. We will have to wait, but of course, James (Allison) should be on the radar of the top teams. At the end of last season, the difference between units of power was only a tenth and a half. So it could be less than a tenth in this season, and then it’s back to depend more on the chassis”, and told Toto Wolff in a statement to Auto Motor und Sport.

Another of the issues that the austrian tried was the one-year contract that Valtteri Bottas has signed with Mercedes. This allows him to prove his worth to the German team, but it also allows Mercedes to negotiate with another pilot of face-to-2018. “of course. However, we would like Bottas to work, and no longer is the question of a new pilot. But as we saw with Nico, the situation of tomorrow can be different from today, we’ll see how it compares Bottas, with Lewis and how the other riders also. Our guys from Force India and Sauber are also there. There are many options for 2018 onwards”, pointing directly to Esteban Ocon and Pascal Wehrlein, pilots that are part of the program of development of the brand of the three prongs.