Wolff admits to being “aware” of the danger of renewing Rosberg


of the great riddles of the season, along with the future of
Kimi Räikkönen, has finally been unveiled. After several weeks
confirmation (unofficial, by order Mercedes has unveiled the
contract extension that will join Nico Rosberg with the brand
German for two more years
. The current leader of the world has, by
so, the opportunity to complete nine seasons with Mercedes.

Wolff has been asked by the press shifted to the Hungaroring
about whether it has assessed the potential risks of keeping
Hamilton and Rosberg together. In this regard, the head of the
team makes it very clear that, indeed, know what can happen.
“I am Never sure that we will be free of problems, it is
rock and roll, they are rocking the boat! But we are aware of
this decision. In some occasions, it can become a
bumpy road”

despite the problems that may arise between them, with the Great
Prize of Austria as a last example, Toto Wolff sees points
positive result in a better performance of the computer. “Have
two pilots number 1 in the car are pressed to each other
increases the car’s performance, but it provides those moments in
those who have to handle difficult situations. So we are
aware of it”

Wolff has wanted to make it clear that, even though it will cause more stress,
rule that has the equipment to provide equal treatment to both
riders will continue in force until the end. “Always
has been very clear with the two of them that is the philosophy we follow,
material fully comparable and equal opportunities. It is
exciting for us, exciting for the fans. Will
I appear a few gray hairs, but up to now I am doing what

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are separated by a single
point in the general classification of the championship.