Wolff aims to reach out to Singapore with the future of Bottas resolved


The Finnish Mercedes signed a contract with arrows silver only one year of duration, so that their situation in the face next year is still undecided. However, the chief of Brackley has said on several occasions that their performances on track this season we are facilitating the decision.

“it Is a good time to talk and think about things.”, said Toto Wolff, referring to the rest that enjoy the Formula 1 teams in August. “we Chatted quietly with Valtteri prior to Hungary, and what is true is that I would like to come to Asia with a decision for the last few races”. The Singapore Grand Prix will be held on the 17th of September, so that Bottas only you would get something more than a month of waiting as much.

Valtteri Bottas has always been characterized by its temperance at the wheel and off the track, with a calmness that many other riders don’t have and lose the nerves by something that he practically does not influence. “it Is clear that I will spend the first week taking beer in the sauna!”, joked Bottas. Thereupon, clarified that “perhaps move forward to something about my contract during the summer break”, after a last month that “it has been pretty hectic, we’ve had many races in six weeks”.

I am in No hurry, we don’t have to fix anything before Spa

In the stage of the summer, the factories are kept closed by legislation, and the activity in the offices of the computers is practically zero, so that “it is a bit complicated to arrange the appropriate meetings in this period, but surely there will be time”. Valtteri has managed to get two victories this year, one of them the first of his career, and is in third position in the championship, watching the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel from the distance, and ensures that “I’m in no rush, we don’t have to fix anything before Spa”.