Wolff calls it a “mistake” to increase the downforce at 2017


despite the attempts of Charlie Whiting to appease the
widespread concern about the intention of the FIA to increase
noticeably the speed of the cars, are still to be added
voices against the overall concept of the change of regulations: create
fastest cars in place to facilitate the show on the

“The cars may not follow each other. I think
to add more downforce has been an error”
, said
Toto Wolff in an event organized by Mercedes. “We
enjoy the challenge and the guys in the aerodynamics are going to accept it, but
for the sport and overtaking has been a wrong decision”

The dirigiente austrian highlights the danger of increasing the load
aerodynamics, for what this means for the show. “We have
taken a step toward more downforce, which means that
car that is behind will have more dirty air by the wake of the
. You can think of it as a jet of water and its
wake. Now, when wheels very close to a car, you lose load
aerodynamics. When you have 100kg of downforce and you’re
behind a pilot, down to 50 or 40 the closer you get.
That it destroys the tires, and therefore can not overtake”

The record of Hamilton, giveaway

Wolff insists that to create cars faster does not improve the
show and, in addition, it is not necessary because the Formula 1 already
has the car fastest in the planet. Recently, Lewis
Hamilton got the fastest lap ever given in Bahrain,
record not fought since 2005. “Since we have
achieved with a car heavier and a standard tyre
, not
like before when there was a battle between Bridgestone and Michelin.
It has been a great success and is something we need to discuss more in public
that distort the sport and talk about their problems. cars
they are very fast, the fastest on the planet
, ended
saying Toto Wolff.