Wolff gives by closed the brush with Hamilton in Abu Dhabi


Toto Wolff did not think it necessary to keep informed to Lewis Hamilton on the choice of the second Mercedes driver to 2017 until the decision has been taken.

The Director of Mercedes Motorsport believes that the british should receive the information when everything is advanced, as explained in statements to Sky Sports. “it Is like many other employees. We will give Lewis the information once we have reached a point in which we think that is a wise decision”. Yes, Wolff recognizes that Lewis Hamilton has been essential in the success of the team and states that it will take into account the relationship that the british may have with the pilot elected. “it Has been a great pillar in the success of the team. When he arrived, everything changed, so he played his role. it is very important to keep you in a good position. The dynamic between the two pilots is one of the factors that we will consider”.

on the other hand, Wolff believes that it is time to forget what happened in Abu Dhabi when Lewis Hamilton disobeyed a direct order from the team. The austrian considered that they did wrong to meddle in the fight for the title and believes that Hamilton did the right thing. “In the heat of the moment, sometimes taking decisions wrong. In our mind, as we think, this race gave us the same points as any other, and we try to win it without having in mind that among our drivers had more at stake. As we developed the race, we should have spoken in a different way and seeing him now, maybe we should have left to compete the way they consider appropriate”.