Wolff, on the Halo: “give me a chainsaw and quito”


The presentation of the brand-new W09 Mercedes was the perfect setting for your head of rows, Toto Wolff, confessed their views on the new weapon of Brackley for the season 2018 at Silverstone, after Valtteri Bottas made the corresponding shakedown or the first few metres of the race car of the team of the star in Formula 1.

“We have tried to be faithful to our design philosophy, and thus develop a solid basis”, explained the leader of the austrian. “we Hope to have retained the positive traits of the diva”. Wolff described it as “diva” to the predecessor model of this year because his behaviour was excessively capricious and illogical, a fact that I lastró more in a weekend. “we all love the divas, but sometimes it was something complicated to understand, and this is the section where the more we worked, trying to understand it and maintain the speed of the car and find more manageability. As the regulations have remained stable, with no major differences. The main visible change is aerodynamic, and so adjusted that it is the body”.

The Halo and the chainsaw


Mercedes has tinted the Halo, as had been done by other teams until now.

The extreme thinness of the single-seater Mercedes in the area immediately above the rear wing has been one of the most outstanding features of the new car of the brand, but without a doubt, the Halo has been the element that has caused a visual impact even greater.

We have to look for the safety of the riders, but what we have implemented is not attractive aesthetically

“has Not impressed me”, admitted Wolff. “If you give me a chainsaw, take it off”. The responsible of the champion builders on four consecutive occasions from 2014 stated that “we have to look for the safety of the riders”, but nevertheless “what we have implemented is not attractive aesthetically.”, something that had already been underlined by numerous pilots. “We have to address that and find a solution that looks best to you. Is a great weight on top of the car that ruins the center of gravity. Much impress to know that you could put a bus on top, is a Formula one car 1”.

in the end, Wolff showed his agreement with the body that governs the category queen in what safety is concerned, and despite a glimpse of scenarios in which the Halo could cause some problem, his opinion is with the FIA. “The FIA has done all kinds of test, taking into account all the cases and, in general, the Halo makes it much more safe for the pilots. It may be the case that a driver getting caught, but in general it is safer with the Halo without it”, concluded Wolff.