Wolff on the rivalry Hamilton-Rosberg: “sometimes tired”


The fratricidal duel between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton is making this season levels of maximum strain, but Toto Wolff and the team Mercedes have managed-for the moment at least – to control the situation and take advantage of it.

Mercedes, aware of the great advantage that you have from three years ago, decided to stay away from team orders to benefit from the competitiveness that comprise its two pilots. This has allowed the team to stay away from the criticism of fans and press, who recognize its commitment to free competition.

Obviously, that means that it is very difficult in many occasions to contain your drivers, but Wolff is pleased by what has been achieved so far, as he has declared to Autosport.

the first half of the season, it was positive because we won almost every
career, it was what we hoped to accomplish. But the
controversies and rivalries
are something
easy to
we accept and we know that this is something that happens
we have two pilots number one,
for which we provide the same material and the same
opportunities, but consumes
a lot of our time
and can have long-term effect”.

Wolff is aware that at any moment, everything can jump into the air and would prefer that situations such as that of Austria had not occurred, keeping the team away from the controversy and the headlines, ” extra-sports.

the positive part, while not spend every race weekend,
it provides something of game
for the championship this year.
My feelings, however, are clear: I would rather
to avoid it, that and some of the holders,
I would prefer to just win the races
, but
I guess we are in the entertainment industry.”

The season 2017 could completely change the current landscape of competition and, therefore, Toto Wolff gives by good the inconvenience of having to manage the relationship between the two riders that compete directly for the championship, but without opposition, because that could be finished very soon.

the team mates are always in the first line and
try to win races and the championship, that can spin out of control.
The next year could be totally different. It could be a
battle between four, six pilots or more
. Obviously,
your two drivers would be separated for the most part
of the time, so blessed
problem which we have, but sometimes tired”.

Exhausting and stressful, so it is in the day-to-day for Toto Wolff with two drivers as competitive as Rosberg and Hamilton. But the balance so far is very positive and Wolff is very proud of having managed to keep this pair of pilots during four seasons.

benefits outweigh the disadvantages. I am
quite proud of how we have been. What we have done during
the last four seasons. If you look at other examples of the
history, have not made more than two years
. But
you need to balance constantly the positive effect that has on
terms of performance, with two riders on the great that will push the
each other to new levels and make the car faster.
bad the rivalry is that there is always a risk of messing up everything and
damage to the spirit of the team
, that is the balance that we seek
permanently. At this point it is still positive.”

Currently, Lewis Hamilton leads the drivers ‘ championship with 19 points ahead of Nico Rosberg, which in turn leads Daniel Ricciardo in 65. Mercedes dominates the constructors ‘ championship with 159 points margin over Red Bull.