Wolff praises the reaction of Hamilton after what happened in Sepang


Toto Wolff is having to deal with really difficult situations to handle its two pilots so intense dispute for the title. But the austrian is knowing how to deal with all of them without fracturing the computer or cause a bad atmosphere within the same. The last test he has had to pass after the last Grand Prix held in Sepang, in which Lewis Hamilton showed very frustrated by the breakage of the engine which prevented him from getting the victory and places him in a delicate situation in the face of their aspirations for title.

Hamilton went on to say that “someone” did not want to win the title, and, regardless of the interpretation that is given about that ‘someone’, that sentence raised a lot of controversy. In this regard, Wolff clarifies that “all observation and any responses are allowed after a time which is so frustrating. If you lead the race and you’re about to get first in the championship, (but) you break the engine and you put a microphone in front… We let you say what you want. It is emotion and it’s totally understandable, every one of us would have expressed their frustration in one way or another”, commented Wolff Motorsport.

Although Mercedes are investigating the cause of the breakage, there are still no answers and Wolff is not explained what might happen. In addition, it reveals that after the race, everyone gathered to try to explain what happened, insisting that Hamilton recapacitó after you calm down. “there is no explanation for the failures. We all sat together and we said, ‘how is this possible?’. It is a strange situation that does not have a rational explanation. And I think that after recovering a little, he (Hamilton) also sees that and all is well. But what you say hot is not a problem”.

Wolff also explains that Lewis Hamilton was to speak with him and Lauda, among others, of doing the same later on with his work team, which tried to encourage before the evil drink lived minutes before on the track. “When you came back into the box, came to see Bradley (Lord-responsible of communication), Niki (Lauda), and me, and went to talk with every mechanic on how it felt. And then we had a debate with him in a small group. We were pretty wrecked by the incident and we gathered together all the mechanics and engineers and had a chat with all over the world. He said some things about the team and hope that he will recover quickly for Japan. Although as a pilot I was much more frustrated and affected by the situation, she tried to lift the team as only the largest ago. In such a moment, to come out to the mechanics and engineers and find the words to lift your mood and make you recover for the next race… that’s what I did and it’s really cool”, said Wolff, as giving settled the matter and with the intention to turn the page to focus on what happens at Suzuka this weekend.