Wolff: “The best pilots give you a few tenths, the engineers much more”


Toto Wolff was present in the F1 show on BBC Radio 5 and addressed several issues related to the timeliness of Mercedes. Taking advantage of the presence of Claire Williams in the studio, he was asked about the negotiations with the deputy head of the ex-team of Valtteri Bottas and the austrian acknowledged that the need to maintain stability and an experienced pilot as a substitute for Finnish, meant that the negotiations were complicated.

According to Wolff, Claire Williams “it was very tough in the negotiations,”, acknowledging with a laugh that made him “plead and weep much”, to acquiesce to the transfer of the Finnish driver, adding later that Felipe Massa was a good choice to take the baton from Bottas as a pilot reference next to Lance Stroll.

Toto Wolff also acknowledged that, in the face of the new season, Mercedes is afraid of all computers and not only to Red Bull or Ferrari, as the new regulations may cause a rise radical of any team that you find something exceptional in the same.

– listeners trigger

Wolff also had to face the questions of the listeners and, among other things, was asked about who is most demanding of the errors of the drivers, Niki Lauda or himself. In this regard, Toto commented that “both Lauda and I are pretty reasonable”.

The austrian believes that the prospects of Pirelli’s roll between two and three seconds faster than in 2016 -five with regard to 2015 – thanks to new regulation fall short. “I Think they will be faster simply because it will have a lot more downforce, they will be wider. Have a pint great. I’m not a big fan of the new tailfins, more low and wide, but the car in general is spectacular front and back. In addition, with these new tires so great, reminds a bit of the single-seaters of old, as of years 80, with many elements of the aerodynamic body, something fascinating. Your appearance is clearly better, but we don’t know how quick or effective they will be when racing them, because we have not had a chance yet to test the performance of the new tires”.


One of the listeners put it to Wolff a choice apparently complicated, but the austrian was clear. What would you rather if you had to choose? what a pilot pointer or a team of engineers star?: “I would favor for the team of high level engineers, because the best pilots give you some tenths, but the engineers top can provide you with a greater advantage”.

“The regulation changes have helped us to find more motivation

he Also insisted that the formula of offering two riders the same treatment and opportunities has had more advantages than disadvantages in the past and that, with the arrival of Bottas, that will remain the same. “The regulation has changed so that we return to the starting point. Hopefully our car is good enough to get wins and fight for the title, but we will continue giving the same opportunities to both”.

Finally, Wolff said the new regulation as one of the keys to renew the motivation in the team, because the challenge is huge and to maintain the hegemony will not be easy. “The truth is that we spend a lot of time redefining our objectives. The regulation changes have helped us to find an extra motivation to make things good again”, ended by saying Toto Wolff.