Wolff to Bottas: “it Is time to step up to the next level”


Valtteri Bottas is not, according to many fans and experts in Formula 1, the best driver to put in troubles to a three-time World as Lewis Hamilton. Williams has alternated stages of great brilliance with others a bit more decaffeinated and, almost bouncing, he has found the opportunity of your life.

Toto Wolff is aware of this and therefore encourage your new driver to raise the level shown in Williams and show that it is prepared to win races and qualify for the championship. “Valtteri is a guy with common sense from head to toe, very focused and direct. Very Finnish, to be honest, and a great asset to us. It has an impressive record in the lower categories and nine podiums in Formula 1, but now is the time to get to the next level, see how you can face the challenge of running to win races and championships”.

Wolff acknowledges that the withdrawal of Rosberg were placed in a complex situation, but prefers to see it as an opportunity to grow even more as a team. “sometimes in life, unexpected circumstances provide us with interesting opportunities. The decision of Nico was a great surprise, certainly a challenge for the team, but resist the storm makes you stronger and we see this as another opportunity to grow for the team,”, making it very clear, in addition, that now begins an intense period in which they will try to acclimatize to Bottas to his new team as quickly as possible. “we Know that we are still preparing for the new season, so we have a full programme ahead of us to integrate you in the team. One thing is for sure: getting to know Valtteri, give everything to you”.

Wolff is grateful for the collaboration of Williams and Sauber

Finally, Toto Wolff has wanted to recognize the efforts of two teams that have made it possible for all the pieces of the puzzle have snapped: Williams and Sauber. The first allowing Bottas to undo his contract to sign for Mercedes, and, second, having patience to announce the signing of Pascal Wehrlein, also involved in an indirect way. “I have to thank Williams for his cooperation allowing Valtteri perform this movement and also to Monisha (Kalterborn) and Sauber for their patience during the last few weeks. It has been a busy day in the market of pilots and I am very pleased that Pascal Wehrlein) go on to compete at Sauber to continue their evolution in Formula 1. Had a good first season with Manor and we feel that it is the right move for him”.