¿Wooden cars? The incredible story of Carpenter set out to create their own cars

Who the hell could think such a thing? A carpenter, missing more. Wood is one of the most unknown how many materials are used in the automotive industry, and talk of a use beyond liners and inserts (see article: How does a Morgan Plus 8 A timber in the car it was the smartphone). What it costs more to imagine that anyone has decided to create cars with a fully sculpted wood body. His name is Isaac Cohen, and has been making wooden cars for 13 years.

The use of wood in the automotive industry is unknown to most, but very important for brands like Morgan. How does a Morgan Plus 8: wooden car in the era of Smartphone

The story told Barcroft Cars in this video is that of a carpenter who decided to unleash his skill with wood to meet another of his passions, automotive. It was then, coinciding with his 50th birthday, he decided to get down to work and start manufacturing its first wooden car, Splinter, a company that took him to 14-hour workday. His first creation, Splinter, is composed by a series of wooden strips in a row, they cover a kilometer and a half away. The result, a huge vehicle of six meters and a half long.

After this rite of passage, Isaac set out to create new cars, even more impressive, if possible, than before. As Slider, a huge convertible to walk and the favorite of his creator.

In short, an incredible story worth telling.

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