Workers of Porsche in Zuffenhausen waive part of his salary to ensure the production of the Mission And

last year the workers of Porsche received a bonus of nearly 10,000 euros for having closed one of the best years in the history of the company. We don’t know the bonus this year, but we know that the workers of Zuffenhausen have voluntarily agreed to to waive part of his salary to ensure that the first saloon electric Porsche is produced in Stuttgart. Why? Other factories of Porsche competed to be the installation productive of a car that will mark a before and an after in the mark.

The Porsche Mission And Concept has certainly been the prototype most important presented in the past IAA of Frankfurt.

more Specifically, the factory Leipzig Porsche – where they make the Cayenne – it was the most intensely competed with the historic facility in Zuffenhausen for the production of the Mission E. Its wage costs were lower, as were in the third installation productive of Porsche: a factory belonging to the Volkswagen Group located in Osnabrück, where they make the Cayman and Boxster. To overcome this internal competition, the Zuffenhausen will increase their working day of 34 to 35 hours a week.


in Addition, also give up part of the salary increases planned for the period 2016-2025, in an amount unknown, and that Porsche has not communicated. This type of negotiations are not foreign in the automotive sector: in Martorell workers also resigned their posts to wage gains to bring to Barcelona the production of the Audi Q3. The Porsche Mission And will be the first electric model from Porsche in more than 115 years, a saloon of 600 BHP of power with anything less than 500 kilometers of autonomy.

Literally, Porsche put the batteries to offer Tesla a tough competition in their own sector. Their workers are taking it very seriously at least.

Source: Reuters
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