World record for alcohol rate in blood for a basque I with 4.75 grams per liter!


it Seems that a spaniard has beaten a new world record. We’re not talking about Olympic Games in Rio 2016 as we would like but have managed to rate of blood alcohol highest recorded so far. 4,75 grams per liter has given a conductor of the basque lands in france. Undoubtedly, a remarkable fact against the road safety.

According to the source, the police gala located the man 56 in the emergency lane of the highway-89 in the vicinity of Bordeaux. Soon the French authority, he noticed a high state of inebriation of the driver as it was fully disoriented not knowing where I was going, where I came from or the amount of alcohol they had ingested. The only thing that managed to know was that it came from a locality on the border between the Basque Country and Landes, and that was having traveled about 240 km.

Such was his state that it was impossible to perform the classic alcohol test so that what had to be taken to a hospital. After the tests in the hospital realized that it had an almost unheard of amount of alcohol in the blood of 4.75 grams per litre, in the case of an amount that is nearly unimaginable, taking into account that close to the 3 g/l is the area in which the individual enters into ethyl coma.

is Currently forbidden to drive in Spain with an alcohol rate higher than the 0.5 gr/l. A rate that exceeds the 4 grams as is the case generally makes the person lose consciousness and even their life there is a serious danger. Now the driver is facing a withdrawal driving license for 6 months waiting for their statement before the Criminal Court of Libourne in October to try to ascertain the facts.