World’s Best Limousine

On this occasion we will travel in style because we will see what is best limousines in the world .

Las mejores limusinas del mundo

Who has not dreamed ride in a limousine is that the route not leave anyone indifferent because they are striking, elegant with its classic body white or black, dazzling and own luxury . The most sophisticated brands strive each year to launch new design with the latest trends in technology.

Ranking limousine models

The ultimate luxury car model Maybach Landaulet , and its peculiarity is that it is a convertible limousine to bring a hint of ostentation vehicle. Your body is 6.17 meters large, quad, refrigerator, DVD, and is designed to be driven by a chauffeur.

A brand that typically trend and often used much to rent these vehicles in celebrations and various events are Hummer limousines. Modern, with capacity for 12 people maximum and we can find spectacular in the market as pink or leopard models.

Other premium brands are Chrysler, Hyundai Audi or Corvette since they all have examples of limousines innovate year after years. A clear example we have with the model Hyundai Equus Limousine , which has more seats and a lounge in the cockpit. It has bright, silvery and has bulletproof armor and anti-explosive colors. It is noteworthy that has an engine system comprising a block of 5 liters and eight cylinders.

Another best limousines in the world is the brand Cadillac , and even reached more fame since he became president car in the US. This is the Cadillac Presidential Limousine and is fully equipped with military-grade armor with body made of aluminum, steel and titanium, and resists chemical attack. It sleeps seven people.

Finally Volkswagen Beetle Limousine is a luxury version of the mythical “beetle”, borders on the bizarre and has an original, modern, different from the previous style.

What you think of this list of the best limousines in the world ?. Amazing is not it?

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