Worthersee 2017: Welcome to the higher concentration VW-Audi

Volkswagen Golf de piedra en Worthersee

If you like the VAG Group, namely Volkswagen or Audi, it is very likely that you may also recognize this name. Worthersee refers to a lake in the whole extent of Austria, but it is also the name of the largest concentration of Volkswagen in the world.

Is celebrated every year in the month of may since 1981, this 36 years ago, to the shores of lake Wörthersee, in Reifnitz, Austria, and it is the mecca of the VAG group.

Began as a meeting of clubs of various models, in the majority Volkswagen, and has ended up being the highest concentration of Golf GTI in the world. So much so that Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and SEAT, all in all, the VAG Group, take the opportunity to submit new versions of cars, as was the case in 2016, with the Golf GTI Clubsport’s and in 2014 with the Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition.

What will we find there?

Vista aérea Worthersee

From parts, tuning, official, passing by the best preparations, until you get to prototypes exclusive developed by the trainees of Volkswagen. Of course, if you have a Golf GTI don’t hesitate to take it, because, surely, among its more than 150,000 attendees to find people with which to chat of this iconic compact sports car. is Also a hole for the tuneros more “hardcore”, though these are together a week before, parallel to the festival.

As you can see, Worthersee becomes every year at the end of the month of may in a hotbed of car. This year we do not know that we are in store for this particular festival, will there be a new fastest lap at Nordschleife in response to that very recently has marked Honda with its new Civic Type R, a new sport version of any brand of the group, or perhaps a Mercedes wanting to sneak as did time ago? This year, we will go and we will tell you all that we will find there, and if present, don’t forget to search for us!

Volkswagen Golf
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