Would be a hypothetical Ferrari 812 Roadster

Ferrari 812 Roadster

the successor to The powerful Ferrari F12berlinetta has been presented these days. The Ferrari 812 Superfast comes like a volcano destroying everything in its path. And it is that we are talking about a car with 800 horse powers that travel direct to the tresn rear, a show of technology and power that few brands dare to make. Well, do you imagine that all that power you could enjoy with the sky as a ceiling? This dream is called Ferrari 812 Roadster, and what has been imagined X-Tomi Design.

this Is a Ferrari 812 Superfast the that have removed the roof and carried it to a segment convertible. The aesthetic is similar, powerful and radical as it is the model that has been presented. The strength of the brand to bring to market a car capable of any thing is brutal, and this roadster would have sufficient arguments to challenge equally to anyone. In addition, in this way, we could listen to more nitidamente the melody of the V12 that lurks beneath this skin Italian.

Ferrari 812

Ferrari 812 Superfast

of course, as you say, underneath the bodywork would be the same V12 engine with 800 horsepower that we’ve known with the arrival of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. This mechanism ensures that the Italian sports lower on the test of 0-100 km/h in three seconds, a figure that few can attain in the segment of sports.

finally, the brand would work to achieve an improvement in the rigidity of what it means to a setting cabrio. The dynamic capabilities would be practically at the same level as his brother of bodywork coupe, an athletic prowess that could be enjoyed in circuit.