Would Dacia Sandero accommodate one RS in Europe?

Months ago Dacia presented us with a performance based alternative Dacia Sandero a Dacia Sandero RS coming, under the banner of Renualt, for the Latin American market , a few steps away from the “aura low cost” to offer a new SUV with the hallmark of Renault Sport . Now Dacia has published a new video Dacia Sandero RS and we have been tempted to ask whether would or no place in the European market .

Recalling … what gives us the Dacia Sandero RS?

The Dacia Sandero RS offers less than other SUVs power. Its price would be considerably less presumably … and of course, would have to face to face with the Suzuki Swift Sport.

Small GTI Dacia gets moved by a propeller of 2 liter 4 cylinder of displacement that develops a power of 150 horses announcing the 0 to 100 km / h in 8 seconds .

has a manual gearbox 6-speed and we are told from Dacia putting them has been developed from Renault Sport , offering a new sports suspension, new brakes a new exhaust system, torsion bar and a sportier stability control setting.

Its ground clearance is reduced by 26 mm, the suspension springs are 92% stiffer at the front axle and 10% on the rear axle and the road gets a new 17-inch wheels .

Furthermore as far as concerns aesthetic features new bumpers, side skirts, spoiler and rear diffuser seasoned with a dual exhaust, finding in its interior with a new steering wheel, aluminum pedals, new upholstery and various inserts in red.

to get to the old continent, something that will not happen now, it would be a step below the small GTI European

Considering the amount of power this Dacia Sander RS ​​would stay a step below what we offer models like the SEAT Ibiza Cupra , the Ford Fiesta ST The Peugeot 208 GTI or its distant cousin, the Renault Clio RS . We were unable to test this Dacia Sandero RS, but they also presupposes a more careful these settings, as well as, of course, an interior several steps above.

His closest rival would be a small samurai: the Suzuki Swift Sport

In addition to the alternative insults we can not lose sight of an interesting Suzuki Swift Sport already proposed from time a role similar to that should offer the Dacia Sandero RS in Europe, economic SUV and with a power level below that of the aforementioned models.

The Suzuki Swift Sport has a starting price in Spain of 16,378 euros and gives us a power of 136 horses .


In video, an extra look at Dacia Sandero RS:

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