Would you accept a small bribe to forget the problems of your Volkswagen TDI?

The title of this article is not too politically correct, I’ll admit. But the steps that Volkswagen is taking in the US, they certainly seem to be a small bribery which claim that the owners of a vehicle affected forget problems that their excessive emissions may cause them. As a reprogramming electronic that affect their benefits or the loss of part of the resale value. The “TDI Goodwill Program” is released next week, but it raises suspicion on the part of the american public.

The scandal of the TDI was uncovered in mid-September, and already there are more than 11 million cars affected.

This program consists of two small gifts on the part of Volkswagen. In the first place, a gift card value of $ 500, which can be used in any establishment. Think of a gift card is similar to that of The English Court. In addition, it also includes a bonus of between 500 and 750 dollars to be used in a official dealer Volkswagen. Could be used in reviews or in the purchase of original accessories. On paper, it is a gesture of good faith on the part of Volkswagen to the affected users.


But the final conditions of the program are not yet available, and many suspect that the acceptance of the “TDI Goodwill Program” will not be compatible with the entry to the million-dollar class-action lawsuits that a multitude of lawyers are filing against Volkswagen. These are the same lawyers who ask the owners of vehicles affected patience, until we know the final conditions of the program. In any case, Volkswagen is turning to the u.s. market to remedy the evil caused.

We wonder if Volkswagen will carry out similar measures to compensate european consumers.

The owners of a Volkswagen equipped with an engine TDI affected receive a direct discount of $ 2,000 on the purchase of any Volkswagen with a petrol engine and is also committed to reward the dealers that recompren affected units, paying the difference with the value of the car prior to the crisis. This makes us wonder if the Volkswagen Group will develop similar measures in Europe, where reside the vast majority of vehicles affected by the fraud related to the oxides of nitrogen.


Meanwhile, problems remain: last week it was announced that some engines 3.0 V6 TDI are affected by the same problem and destapaba another second fraud: devices that reduce the consumption of your car in the bank approval, resulting in fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 real superior in circulation to those specified in tab. In this case, we do not talk about the difference usual with the cycles of approval, we speak of a different operation in circulation.

we will Continue to update.

Source: TTAC
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