Would you buy this Ferrari Enzo (2 million euros), knowing the terrible story that hides behind?

This beauty is a Ferrari Enzo. V12 engine, 660 horsepower, one of the most dramatic of designs that we’ve seen in a Ferrari and more than 350 km/h of top speed. It is No wonder that this beauty was given the name of the Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the team, and one of the manufacturers who have passionate to more generations of lovers of the sport. This Ferrari Enzo to be auctioned in a few days, and is expected to reach a figure between 1.5 and 2 million euros. Until there’s nothing strange. What is really amazing is that this supercar ended up completely wrecked, ready for scrapping, as illustrated in the upper left image. And is now being sold as new.

As you have seen, this Ferrari Enzo in black color Nero Daytona, initially enjoyed a finish red, Rosso Corsa. This Enzo left the factory in January of 2004, having as destination the United Kingdom. Would later come to the united States, where would be completely destroyed in 2006 in a terrible accident more than 260 km/h, while his driver was going jugándosela, in a competition to be illegal, against a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. An accident which in any case would have been a total loss, and the achatarramiento of the vehicle.

But as a Ferrari Enzo is not a sport either, only built 400 units, and as a species in extinction, we have to worry about its preservation, someone decided that we would have to give a second life to this beautiful sport. Ferrari Technical Asisstance Service is commissioned a restoration, and virtually rebuilding from scratch, that would lead to this Enzo to retrieve all its glory, now in black, and with a new owner in Europe who will auction in a few days.


I Imagine that, with this history, it hardly would be willing to buy a car. What we have before us there is no fondant. We talk about a from-scratch rebuild, carried out by the technical team of Ferrari, and with the certification and the blessing of the classics department, Ferrari Classiche.

we Just hope that her new owner to take care of you much better than the one that ended up splitting it in half to 260 km/h.

Source: RM Sotheby’s | Via: Motor Authority | Photo: Tim Scott