Would you let the authorities “spy” your car to save time and money? New York already doing …

The privacy debate generates controversy, much controversy, especially when it concerns the fact that our activity at the wheel of a car to be monitored. Recently we told that the DGT dismissed not take advantage of the benefits of the car connected to control our movements via GPS . And now we know that New York has already begun to control the movements of some of its citizens through an initiative that, far from controversy, I assure you that is interesting enough to bet on it, the program Drive Smart .

The DGT expects our cars control via GPS (but not spy on us)

The goal of Smart Drive is not to spy on drivers . Your benefit in the long run, can be really important for the information they can gather the project about the habits of drivers. Your benefit in the short term, it is already interesting for the 400 volunteers who have allowed their car to be monitored by the New York City Department of Transportation. Volunteers will be offered some incentives for completing activities Drive Smart program (using monitoring equipment in your car, give it when the project ends and participate in some surveys) and discounts in some insurance companies associated program .

The only annoyance that the driver has to take is that of carry installed monitoring equipment connected to the data port of your car to the OBD -II. The information gathered by the Drive Smart program is confidential, will not serve to spy on drivers, or fine them, but to gain valuable information about the habits of these.


What Smart Drive aims to achieve?

The idea behind Smart Drive is that of analyze these habits to improve safety on the streets and highways of New York, also maximize fuel economy and, above all, better distribute traffic . The challenge of New York, like other big cities, is to reduce traffic congestion that we lose so many hours each year, which irritates us, which makes it difficult mobility in the city and generates so much pollution. By analyzing the speed of the 400 participants, fuel consumption, the hour in which they move, the locations and events that target, New York will be able to better understand the habits of their drivers and act accordingly to improve the mobility of their city.

And you, would you be willing to have your car was monitored on the basis of the direct and indirect benefits it promises the Drive Smart program?

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The DGT expects our cars control via GPS (but not spy on us)

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