Would you like the Volkswagen Polo 2018 would look this image?

Volkswagen Polo 2018

Volkswagen Polo is already a veteran that, thanks to your good approach, has been able to resist the passing of the years and therefore, to a renewal in full. The great competence of the Segment B, has an impact on that be the day, it is a mandatory chore. If all this were not enough, the recent arrival of new SEAT Ibiza makes things more difficult, it seems that this will be leader, in terms of dynamism in its category.

With this approach, it won’t take too long to reach many approximations of what will be the final model that will be presented, as I discussed a month ago, in the next Frankfurt Auto show. To enjoy until the arrival of the final date, we present you the latest images, that are likely to be more faithful to the reality.

Volkswagen Polo 2018

The Volkswagen Polo cup 2018 has been imaged in Upington (south Africa); But yeah, camouflaged. In fact, some media of communication have been blessed to be able to try it out. However, as yet nothing is known of the exterior design, the professional digital image Kleber Silva, brings us this recreation. Pretty realistic and grounded in the suggestive and avant-garde line displayed in the Volkswagen Arteon, this Pole 2018 may be a faithful recreation of what will be the final model.

As we can see in the images, the front of the new Polo would be completely renovated. Now he wears a look much more in line with the lag that Volkswagen will be implementing in the rest of models. This we have been able to check in the different Concept Cars (as the Sport Coupe GTE Concept or the Golf GTE Concept). Headlights front gives the set aggressiveness; the chrome, elegance and the air inlets along with the dual exhaust outlet, a few light touches of sportiness.

In terms of the dimensions, all indications are that we will have the Polo largest history. It is believed that will grow about 20 centimeters long with respect to the version currently marketed. This would mean that you would place above a Volkswagen Golf fourth generation. Despite the increase in size; it seems that the implementation of the new platform MQB-A0 (premiered at the new SEAT Ibiza), reduce weight Almost 100 Kg!

Source – Periodismodelmotor.

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