Would you pay $ 180,000 for this brutal Jeep Wrangler?

They say the car addicts are sects of the automotive world. At least they are healthy sects, understand me. For an amateur would not create a machine like the one you have on the screen. It is a brutal Jeep Wrangler that has little more than the name, and the front of the chassis. It is a JK Crew, a preparation created by Bruiser Conversions . The objective of this workshop is anything stop you on your way. Under the giant wheels and reinforced cockpit, I think they have succeeded handsomely.

is the darling of Bruiser Conversions, and hardly seems the Wrangler 2007 as he was born.

Its chassis was lengthened considerably to install a box pick-up in the rear. Since they stretched, they also decided to strengthen it. Then the doors replaced by a metal cage and painted the little body was left military green. The bumpers have been replaced by high-strength metal bumpers, and has installed a winch on the front. The Raceline 20-inch wheels are shod with giant off-road tires Pitbull Rocker 44 inches in diameter.

jk-crew-bruiser-wrangler-9 The suspension has increased and new lines were installed, Sterling Dana at the front and rear axle. The engine is now a 3.9L Cummins turbodiesel associated with an Allison automatic gearbox high strength, with much more torque than the 3.8 V6 riding home this Wrangler 2007. The preparation ends with a team of first class infotainment and various bars LED high power lighting. This car was auctioned by the bestial amount of $ 180,000. Is it worth paying them?

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