Wunderlich creates the BMW R 1200 GS hybrid that every pilot would like to have

is A hybrid motorbike? Can a bike with all-wheel drive? Two concepts that produce urticaria to every pilot, and with reasons. Only add weight and complications to the experience of riding a bike, still very pure, without filters and without just electronic. The ABS even is widespread in the world of two wheels to less than 5 years. What the German company Wunderlich has done is create the first BMW R 1200 GS awd, coupling an electric motor that moves the front wheel of the bike. Believe me, you also would want to try it out.

The electric motor front, nestled in the hub of the wheel, has been developed by Evolt, a specialist Italian.

Wunderlich manufactures accessories for motorcycles BMW, but is also known for its prototypes, some of them of the most curious. This is one of them. On the front axle of the BMW R 1200 GS base have installed an electric motor. An electric motor of 13.4 BHP of power that moves only the front wheel. The motor is able to move the bike by itself up to about 20 km/h, and also is capable of reversing its operation, propelling the motorcycle backward. Ideal for when you’ve parked 250 kilos of bike downhill.

Believe me, is a bike very heavy and difficult to maneuver in standing. The electric motor is worth it just for that detail. The case is that it allows you to provide an extra power and traction, which adds up to 125 HP boxer engine of 1.2 liters that is still in the process of moving the rear wheel. Where do you get the engine electricity? The gains of the regenerative braking, and accumulate it in a small battery located in the front of the bike, under the front fender. It is relatively bulky.

As drawbacks, may limit the travel of the front suspension and increases the weight of the bike in total, although we do not know to what extent. My bet is 15 kilos, in addition to 238 kg in vacuum that weighs the R 1200 GS. It is still not known further details of their operation, or your use. Maybe you can activate at will by a push button or its operation will be automatic. What seems clear is that the conversion of aftermarket is simple, and could provide a plus very interesting for the pilots of the GS.

Dispenses with the chain systems, couplings, mechanical of other bikes of all-wheel drive, the design barely changes and it offers a real improvement of performance and comfort.

Source: Autoblog
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