Xevi Pons for the Dakar 2016 with a Ford Ranger


Xevi Pons will be in the Dakar 2016. The intentions of the pilot of Vic have been met and will play the next edition of the raid of the world’s toughest. However, will not do this in a Toyota Hilux V8 as he went on to state, but at the controls of a Ford Ranger of the team South Racing. So it has been confirmed today in a project that will have few ingredients and very interesting. Will be co-driven by Ricardo Torlaschi and the feasibility of the same is possible thanks to Esponsorama, company of Raúl Romero, a man associated with BQR and the team Avintia Racing MotoGP.

DAYS South Racing is a team founded in 2013 and headquartered in Germany, but that has workshops in Portugal. The training is contesting the Dakar 2015 with the pilot argentine Federico Villagra, so this is a team with some experience and a consolidated category. The team will have this time with Xevi Pons and a Ford Ranger that has been evolved throughout the year. The vehicle has suspension upgrades, new mapping in the engine and chassis enhancements.

After confirming the agreement, Xevi Pons explained that: “ For me the Dakar is a challenge very nice. I started on the enduro and I have very good friends who in the past have been rivals. I’ve always heard of the Dakar and have the opportunity to compete with a good team as it is South and Racing with a great car as is the Ford, is something incredible“. The Catalan driver also added: “Came with a lot of enthusiasm and with a lot of excitement, but be cautious. In rallies, story with a lot of experience, but I’ve never done a race in raids and we will go from least to most“.


At 35 years of age, Xevi Pons lands in a solid. The Spanish rider will bring his quality and experience in the world of rallying, a discipline to which it will resemble, more than ever, the Dakar 2016 for their renewed journey. However, Xevi Pons has competed as a pilot of Citroen, Mitsubishi and Subaru in the WRC, totaling 51 points in the championship. The champion of the SWRC in 2010 will be to your right hand Ricardo Torlashi, co-pilot, in which he played the Dakar 2015 with Adrien ‘Chinese’ Yacopini. Your experience in raids will be vital in the later stages long and hard.

it is Also a solid project in terms of sponsors. The Head of the Team Avintia Racing Raul Romero is the great responsible of the economic feasibility of this project and has facilitated the agreement between Xevi Pons and training luso-German. Through his company, Esponsorama has achieved a solid support which results in the agreement signed with Air Europa. The team DAYS South Racing also has partners assurances as Rudy Project, OMP, TW Steel, Gold Nutrition, Michelin, MotoGP Argentina, Tourism Argentina and Ecomac.