Yamaha MOTOBOT v.1, a robot capable of riding bikes better than you

One of the surprises of the Yamaha in the living Room of Tokyo has been the MOTOBOT v.1. It is a robot, designed for riding motorcycles. It is a showcase technology for the future of Yamaha, without a semblance of production. Yamaha wants to show us that a robot can ride a bike completely standard – as is the Yamaha YZF-R1M, the more sporty of the range – without the involvement of a human in the process. Relax, it’s not the advent of the bike alone, but Yamaha wants to remind us that the technology to do this exists.

Yamaha developed a bike autonomous in 2004, for the DARPA Challenge. It was the first bike region of the world.

MOTOBOT has been developed during the last years in Akashi, and mimics the shape of a human, lying on the tank of fuel of a supersport motorcycle such as the YZF-R1. The movements of a robot that can pilot a bike by themselves should be especially precise and refined, especially if we are talking about a bike with manual gear change. The control of the clutch and the trigger precise throttle are vital when riding a bike completely standard with 200 HP.

MOTOBOT has been developed with the aim of explore new technologies of support to the driving, as well as for the safety of the rider. The research and development team of Yamaha is now exploring the possibility of MOTOBOT ride the bike up to a speed of 200 km/h. Obviously, the system is not perfect and still has much room for improvement, hence the bike test used skates side so as not to damage the bike in the event of unforeseen circumstances or imbalances.

How do you keep this robot is the balance? It does so by a complex system of gyroscopes internal, and possibly by the movement of your body, altering the center of gravity of the bike. Are just, as the press release doesn’t state many details about this robot. Equally, we understand that is guided by a system of cameras and radar similar to the autonomous cars. Soon the robots will drive bikes better than you, but in a machine made for you to enjoy, you may not have any meaning.

Source: Yamaha
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