Yamaha MWT-9: can a sports-japanese 3 wheels? Yamaha believes in it

Grab a sport japanese and add one wheel more to the front axle. Yamaha presents to us a peculiar conceptual model in the Hall of Tokyo 2015, a model under the name of Yamaha MWT-9 encourages us to think that the bikes three wheels also have a place in the form of sports. Have been popularized in the form of a scooter on our roads, in our cities, what will get Yamaha popularicen in the form of a sport bike?

The scooter 3 wheels have been well received, but… what is you receive the idea of a sport, a touring, with three wheels?

The Can-AM Spyder already was suggested to us in his time to exploit the concept of a sport bike-touring 3 wheels. The Yamaha MWT-9 we proposed from a perspective even closer to a motorcycle “conventional”

Covered by a chassis multitubular of curved shapes Yamaha MWT-9 proposes conceptually a marked sport design, of angular forms, a pollack of sharp line and a sharp fairing, leaving us to glimpse a driving posture more or less upright, with a driving position, a handlebar, a seemingly high.

Without details about its power, about its features, Yamaha gives us an insight of a mechanic , 3-cylinder, in-line and 849cc at the time that promises us a good helping of feelings, a good angle of lateral tilt, on the part of these double forks that command the peculiar front.

What we will see become a production model? we look forward to more details about it, a server for now do not know very well if you opt between a “it is a good idea” or a “Are you mad at Yamaha?”.


Gallery of images of the Yamaha MWT-9: