Yamaha Resonator: this 125 has, in addition to a spectacular painting, wood guitar

classic is in fashion in the world of two wheels. The fever by the cafe racer has brought with it a whole wave of transformations inspired by the bikes of decades past and of course, the manufacturers have not wanted to stay out of it. On the occasion of the imminent Hall of Tokyo 2015 Yamaha introduces us to a Yamaha Resonator125 Concept of classical inspiration that also has much of the musical division of the japanese firm.

what Is Yamaha probing the launch of a 125 classic cut?

To see this Yamaha Resonator 125cc it is inevitable not to think of the Yamaha , SR 125 and the multitude of preparations that have been derived from it.

Beacon high and small, an upright riding position, a mechanical is finished in black, a bare-bones front fender, a seat, finished in a sporty fairing… the Yamaha Resonator125 could not look your best.

Your seat, your seat, show a worked finish where the metal is perfectly crimped by a touch of wood, but no, it is not a wood “any”.

Yamaha has used the same wood used in their guitars to decorate the tank, to decorate the tail fairing and also the engravings present in the quiet, in the cap of the fuel tank… have been prepared using the same techniques that the firm uses in its musical instruments.

The Yamaha Resonator125 is motivated by a propellant single-cylinder, 4-stroke and 125 centimeters cubic although the firm has not revealed the specifications of this propellant. Let us remember that the Yamaha YBR 125 and YBR 125 Custom also has a mechanical 125 account, and both develop a power of 10 horses.