Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, the sporty two-seater that no one expected

An answer to a question that nobody had raised in the past few years. Yamaha has been linked to the automotive world since decades ago, but have been mainly devoted to building engines – bright, I have to say – to other manufacturers. In the early 90’s, his supercar OX99-11 was cancelled before being released to the market. Since then, Yamaha wants to remove the thorn that has stuck. And in Tokyo presented the Sports Ride Concept, a two-seater ultralight of only 750 kilos of weight.

Only weighs 750 pounds, thanks to a tubular chassis reinforced polymer with carbon fiber.

The press release is very brief, just a paragraph that says very little. But one of the most important details is discovered: use the structure iStream patented by Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1. The structure iStream it is a process of innovation that gives rise to a tubular chassis onto which are mounted panels constructed in polymers reinforced with carbon fiberor. The result is a lightness spectacular with a production cost of content, comparable to that of a conventional cassette.

Is this chassis that forms the structure of the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, a sporty two-seater only 3,90 metres long, to 1.72 meters wide and only 1,17 meters of height. The philosophy of “Live & Ride” Yamaha is demonstrated in a cabin two-seater, very focused on the pilot pure. Everything is clean, the leather seats in front only a simple instrumentation, similar to that of a motorcycle. Carbon fiber and aluminum seen complete the package visual, with details of wood guitar.

would Not need over 100 HP to become a machine tremendously fast and fun.

Outwardly, the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept is a machine interesting. Its proportions denote a coupe mid-engine-rear, with a look harmonious and details pure as a double output exhaust in elevated position, a solution similar to that of supercars such as the McLaren 650S. A front of alien-like, with small optical sharp and shaped air intakes makes us dream with the arrival in production of a small sports as well. Really, it is the car that every enthusiast could want.

it is Not known what engine it will have, but we know we will have a weight of only 750 kilos. With a maximum torque of the engine of 1.5 liters and 100 HP would be a real missile. But it would not be a car uncontrollable or excessive, it would be a missile of fun and dynamism. It is not the first car that Yamaha has presented us lately. Also based on the architecture iStream and with many reminiscences of the world of the bike, we had a couple of years ago the MOTIV, an urban two-seater that could reach production in the coming year.

Source: Yamaha
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