Yamaha will be the prototype of a car to the Hall of Tokyo

The Tokyo motor show has been the stage chosen by Yamaha to re-present a concept car. The first photo shows a sports-formatted coupé, which still have not been given technical data.

Yamaha-Prototipo-Salon de-TokioAndamaha will be carrying the Tokyo motor show a prototype four-wheel drive. The japanese brand has advance in a first image, which allows us to see the silhouette of a sports car. However, beyond this first photograph, the details are still scarce, although the mark was commissioned to clarify that it is a product that is inspired by motorcycles.

it is Not known whether the Yamaha 4wheeler will be destined to go into production or if it will be once more a conceptual work that will not succeed in overcoming this stage. Let us remember that it is not the first time that the Yamaha exhibits a Concept Car, already in the year 1992 presented a prototype which they called OX99-11, which was supposed to enter production in 1994, but which was finally canceled.

in Addition, Yamaha has a long history related to the automobile, which includes engines for Volvo, Ford and Toyota. The picture of this new prototype is not taken too far, however, all the information will be available on the October 29, when it opens its doors to the Tokyo motor show.

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