Yamaha will introduce a car in the Lounge of Tokyo

Yamaha coche teaserIn the motor show in Tokyo will be many premieres interesting, but today we try to aim to be one of the most interesting. Yamaha, the japanese manufacturer specialized in bikes, shall submit a car in the Lounge of Tokyo. What will be in the form of a prototype, but still we are restless, wanting to know what it is that hides the teaser published by Yamaha.

The Hall of Tokyo will open its doors on the 29th of October and that is when we will be able to see with all luxury of details of this new prototype car. There are No data on the subject, but by its silhouette it is clear that it is a sport, what is interesting is that this could be fitted with some type of motorization electric or hybrid plug-in, because this time Yamaha’s strong commitment to alternative energies.

The japanese will come to the event car most important of the country with 20 models in its booth, six of which are world firsts, as this prototype. It will be possible to see bicycles, scooters, electric bikes and even a recreational vehicle 4×4, ATVS, electric with security. Seen this portfolio, it is not surprising that this prototype use electricity as a fuel. There is also no information of what is intended to do Yamaha with this concept car, although it would not be the first time that a motorcycle manufacturer dares with the cars.

Source – Yamaha

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