Yasuhisa Arai leaves his post in Honda, Yusuke Hasegawa replaces it on F1

Yasuhisa Arai en el box de McLaren-HondaSince last year has been calling for the head Yasuhisa Arai by the broken promises and failed predictions about the capabilities of the Honda engine. The team McLaren-Honda had their worst season and the reliability and performance of the engine japanese were the cause of all their problems, despite the fact that the japanese came to imply that the Honda engine was working well and the problem was in the chassis that generated too much drag.

What is certain is that now Yasuhisa Arai has been invited by Honda to leave his post and have sought his replacement, Yusuke Hasegawa. After the first disappointing season of Honda on his return to F1, Arai depart to give way to Hasegawa and see if they can put a good course of the project. This is what was agreed upon at a meeting conducted by the senior leaders of the japanese company.

Arai habla con Hasegawa6

On the first day of the test, the team McLaren-Honda has already shot more than last year in all the preseason, so the reliability seems better. In addition, today Alonso has been at the controls of the MP4-31 and is still rolling a lot, giving more than 100 turns and being the second after Mercedes that has rolled. Therefore the reliability seems to be confirmed, although even introduce improvements in an engine for the second test and join the improvements of this and the next to create a third specification for Australia.

need to confirm the performance, but the Honda not have wanted to keep to Arai, who has been the one who has been at the helm for the fruits that are now picking up. At the end of the month, Arai will definitely the post of commissioner of engines Honda in Formula 1 as has been agreed by the board of the company and Yasuke Hasegawa will take over from 1 march of this year. In addition, Hasegawa only be dedicated to the F1, nothing more, without having to take care of other sectors.