Yazeed Al-Rajhi will also have a Fiesta RS WRC '17


Faithful to his philosophy and to the constraints that have
compete as a team official without the real support of a manufacturer, M-Sport is
the structure that most World Rally Car of new generation to put in liza
. To
the units officers of S├ębastien Ogier, Ott Tanak and Elfyn Evans -the latter
under colors DMACK – have been adding distintos Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17
fallen into private hands
, fortunately for the coffers of M-Sport. The two
units of MP Racing for Mads Ostberg and Martin Prokop, adds the Ford Fiesta
you will use Lorenzo Bertelli from the Rally of Mexico.

All in all, the productive machine of M-Sport does not cease despite
the delays are adding up in the beginning of the season, all time
Yazeed Al-Rajhi held the Rally Finland with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17,
as it has been commissioned to confirm the pilot himself. A priori it will be a
timely participation in the WRC and rally to the liking of Al-Rajhi, the whole time your
program and efforts are focused on raids. All in all, Yazeed Al-Rajhi
it will be the seventh pilot other than that it is put at the controls of a Ford Fiesta
new generation
, the fourth from a private effort.

These figures do not cease to be curious, every time the arrival
of the new generation of World Rally Cars, faster, more powerful and at the same time
difficult to fly, led to the FIA to impose a limit to get to their
. In principle, only drivers nominated for the manufacturers, and that they had
the green light of the FIA could lead to these new World Rally Cars, although the
when the truth seems to be that this limitation has been somewhat toned. The
customers and the market send and while Toyota, Citroen and Hyundai have no interest in renting or selling units of their World Rally Cars of new
generation, M-Sport continues to box.