Year 1955: the wonderful car of propellers Clifford Robins (video)

Year 1955. Clifford Robins, a shop owner in Yeovil, England, walks around his neighborhood with a contraption of the most exotic. It has No roof, has no transmission, has no gearbox, or clutch, does not have not have not even a motor connected to its wheels. Clifford had the bright idea of designing car home, by resorting to a technique at all common, using a propeller of a propeller for movement.

With a system of propellers needed no transmission, gearbox or clutch, just an engine to V4 with the output of the crankshaft connected to a propeller at its rear.

The most interesting thing about this contraption was, without doubt, in the technical simplicity and the implied, which turned him into a car economical and easy to maintain. According to the magazine Popular Science, January 1956, their propellers were connected to the output of the crankshaft of a V8 engine source Ford. The British Pathè rather it points to a motor V4, derived from the V8 Ford, which would reach a speed of 70 mph, a more than acceptable 112 km/h, thanks to a engine of only 15 HP.

incredible as it may seem, the case of the car home of Clifford Robins was not anecdotal. Throughout the TWENTIETH century there were many inventors who explored the possibility of creating cars with propellers on its front (see article on io9), with amazing creations, the pair of chilling.

we do not Know for what reason it did not thrive. In any case, we’re glad for it. In the times of road safety, the protection of the passengers, and pedestrians, I can not get an idea (or themselves) of how dangerous it must be to suffer an outrage against one of these cars.


Source: British Pathè
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