Yenko Camaro 2017: The Camaro more wild with 811 HP and a legendary name


Yenko Chevrolet Camaro 2017.

This is the new Yenko Camaro 2017, a real beast of 811 HP (800 hp) which is already available in the united States for all of the customers of the sporty Chevrolet. This comes of Specialty Vehicle Engineering, a workshop in New Jersey that currently has a license to be able to use the iconic name Yenko in their products.

In the same way that, thanks to a variety of specialists such as Shelby, we can enjoy versions much more powerful Ford Mustang, the Chevy Camaro has always enjoyed various options of potentiation in the market, some even with so much popularity as in the case of Shelby American.

Don Yenko

The most played no doubt was no other than Yenko Chevrolet, a former Chevy dealer who became famous for his modifications on the Camaro, Corvair, Chevelle, and Nova. Models manufactured in the golden era of motor american, between the sixties and early seventies, and that allowed his creator, Don Yenko, make a small hole in the story.


Yenko Super Camaro-1968, with the V8 427 450 hp.

The vehicles original Yenko are so highly valued, or more than the Mustang, which came out of the facilities of Shelby, being a beast of asphalt. In the case of the Camaro, its model most famous work, the copies signed by Yenko were more radical than were available, mainly thanks to the own bureaucracy of General Motors, which prevented at that time that its brands employ more powerful motors in the intermediate segments, in the same way that prohibited any kind of direct investment in competition.

so that everyone who wished to have a Camaro street’s most powerful went to Yenko, which had motor V8 427 (7.0-liter) present in the Corvette with powers above the 425 horsepower.

In this case, the model of the pictures wears the last name of Don Yenko, although this left the business in 1982, now being licensed by EVS, true specialists of the supercharger.


classic Decorations available, and many emblems Yenko.

The current model has V8 6.2-liter supercharged, but with a supercharger, modified by themselves, as with the block LT1 V8. This account with pistons aluminum forged, new cylinder heads and a new crankshaft.

in Addition to the mechanical modifications, we have a frame fine tuned and new aesthetic thanks to the bulging hood with air inlet, mimicking the ways that were in the Yenko Super Camaros of the sixties, and some wheels of a classic style.

will Only be manufactured 50 copies, with a wide range of colors and
combinations, so that will be quite complex to find two the same.