Yenko Corvette: with the V8 811 HP, and the new treatment Yenko


New Yenko/SC 800 hp Supercharged Corvette.

The coach Specialty Vehicle Engineering (EVS) has unveiled the new Yenko/SC 800hp Supercharged Corvette, a new version under the mythical name Yenko that use the same mechanical plant modified 811 CV, which we also find in the wild Yenko/SC Camaro Supercharged that had just a few months ago.

This specialist of New Jersey has risen the legendary emblem Yenko/SC under the license, as the workshop’s original Don Yenko disappeared in 1982, having been responsible for decades of Chevrolet’s best performance. In the golden era of Muscle cars, if you wanted to a Camaro with the 427 engine (7.0-liter) dealer, Yenko Chevrolet was the right place, as Don Yenko made in small limited series with very radical views of several models of the catalog of Chevrolet with its surname, this being today the Chevrolet most sought after.

it has Been 35 years since Yenko closed its doors, but its name is still synonymous with power and mechanical speed, that is why EVS reserve this emblem for their creations more wild and special.


Up to 90 possibilities of exterior finish.

Using the same block 416 LT1 V8 6.8 liters that can be found in the recent Yenko/SC Camaro, the EVS is taken as the donor Corvette C7 Grand Sport in bodywork coupe, which in addition to adding around a dozen of emblems Yenko, have presented many elements of customization. As for the rack, not have reported of improvements for consideration.

At the exterior we find very few changes, as it was usual in all the work of Yenko, so that the body with the same forms and elements that we find in the current C7 Z06 and Grand Sport. We found only slight changes in the bumper, to which we can add an aero package with a new splitter and rear diffuser, new exhaust outlets square shapes and graphics exterior, with the same type of design that the hiring Yenko back in the day.

The decoration of the new Yenko/SC Corvette is available in nine different colors, designed to match with the catalog of colors of the Corvette 2017. In total we have 90 possible color combinations, between bodywork and stickers. To which is added the possibility of the different inserts in carbon and different interior options.