Yes, just filter out the Mercedes-AMG Project One!

Posted by Ferd on Monday, 11 September 2017

If just a few minutes ago that we published an article about the recent teasers Mercedes-AMG-Project One, now just leaked on the net several images the naked and with total clarity of the exterior and interior of this atomic model that will debut in just a few hours in the Frankfurt Auto show.

we can now put a face to the hipercoche most anticipated of the year. We should not be seeing these images, but the Mercedes-AMG Project One has been leaked and can be found in the page of Facebook FerdFanPage. The supercar German developed by AMG displays an image simply spectacular with lines and details, very aggressive in every square inch of your sculpture. Let’s see it in detail.

exterior Design

AMG Project ONE;-)

Posted by Ferd on Monday, 11 September 2017

The Mercedes-AMG Project One, that account with five thrusters total (a 1.6 V6 turbo legacy of the F1 and four electric motors), has a presence radical. In the front we can see three huge air intakes in the lower area in addition to another output on the front hood. In the “morro” proudly displays the emblem of Mercedes-Benz as well as the initials AMG. If we raise a little more the light we see a new air inlet on the roof.

The body seems straight out of a model intended to run the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Wheels, forged and monotuerca, are of large dimensions and hide behind a huge brake system. Following the side, we find ourselves with more pipes of air to cool the most powerful brake system, to which we referred. On the other hand, the opening the gates is performed on the diagonal. Last, but not least, we have the prominent fin that is born of the air inlet top and who dies virtually in the rear.

If we take a look at the behind we can not avoid to compare it with an authentic model of competition. A marcadísimo diffuser with an exhaust outlet central and large pipes to your side, focus our attention, being a thin lines of LED to rear lighting to the sides of the recess for the number plate.

interior Design

AMG Project ONE;-)

Posted by Ferd on Monday, 11 September 2017

If the external os has seemed as brutal as it is to us, do not miss your cabin, where the minimalism and almost all of the items just for being able to drive, plus lots of carbon fiber. The steering wheel is almost rectangular, seeming to have come out (pardon the reiteration) of a racing car, with a few fine LED to indicate that we are approaching the power outage and small buttons for different settings.

About the impressive steering wheel appears a display mode of a box of instruments that will show information such as gear position, lap time and some other data of high importance of the vehicle. The center screen, also geared towards the driver, has a size similar to the scorecard, although we sense that it will transmit a few more details well associated with the charging of batteries and, of course, the functions of infotainment. As we see, has very little boutonniere and the majority of it is located in places that allow the driver to manage them without separating the hands from the steering wheel.

We are looking forward to get to know all the technical details and benefits of the Mercedes-AMG Project One; the most spectacular ever built by the company Mercedes-AMG.

Source – Ferdfanpage

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