Yes, on this Golf course as rare as it hides the future B-SUV SEAT


¿A prototype of the Volkswagen with registration Spanish? There is something here that does not fit

The other day came to our newsroom a few spy pictures of extremely suspicious. At first we thought it was the mule for testing of the future SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo, which we had already seen previously, but soon this theory was relegated to a second plane for there were certain aspects that we don’t end up to fit.

So we started to think about what could hide this mule testing? If oteamos the horizon of future models, there is one that fits in with our theory; the future B-SUV SEAT. The other day, and thanks to a leak, we knew of the plans of SEAT for 2017. Among the many launches that we will see the course that comes, there is that include a new SUV, a smaller brother of the SEAT Ateca.

Will be the twin brother of that Pole-SUV which we have already spoken. At the moment there is no name for this model of the B-segment SEAT, but will come, more specifically, to the middle of the next year. And it is this model which is being tested by the twisty roads of the swiss Alps.


it Is clearly visible that the body is much larger than the chassis that supports

In what we rely to affirm such a thing? Well. The main of them is in the tuition. Even though it is camouflaged we know that it is Spanish, the first point. Volkswagen always tuition to their mules testing with plates in germany, specifically in the area of Wolfsburg, headquarters of the house.

Thanks to that enrollment Spanish, we have been able to know that this prototype, in particular, belongs to SEAT, and that its manufacture is national. Obviously, he is enrolled as a Volkswagen Golf, though it is also specified that it is a prototype, so you do not have to match what we see with what is.

So that it is made in Spain, is the property of SEAT, has the shape of a SUV and although we see a Golf three-door is a model that will be positioned around the Volkswagen Polo. With all these data on the table we cannot but think that we are looking at the future B-SUV SEAT. At least all the evidence points to it.


a few weeks Ago we saw a mule very similar, but on that occasion he wore tuition German