Yes, Traffic can get a ticket for stopping on a radar (and the fine is not small, precisely)

Sure that once you’ve encountered situations similar to this. You are approaching a fixed radar and all the cars start to slow down, sometimes well below the limits of the pathway, perhaps to not leave any loopholes to a possible fine. It is the reason that, in moments in which the traffic flow is intense, the stretches in which there are radar the traffic is still more congested. But what happens if instead of a fixed radar, we talk about a mobile radar, surprises you immediately, and try to stop to reduce your speed and avoid the penalty? The topic has generated a lot of controversy these days on Reddit. But you know that, with nuances, that action can lead to a major sanction. See table of penalties for excess of speed.

That is precisely what happened to a driver, as we were told in the Forum Professional Transport. Slow down when overtaking a radar cost a serious violation, and a fine of 200€. The sanction came to your home without you even agents interceptasen the driver, for reasons, according to them, justified.

Can you multarme for a stop near a radar?


it Is true that there is no metrology system, such as radars that detect speeding, to be capable of detecting a deceleration that is too intense. But it is enough that a patrol of the Civil Guard found that a car braking immediately, and with forcefulness, near a radar, or one of its controls, so that you can be issued the corresponding punishment to the driver. But, of course, that braking must be sufficiently convincing as to which the agents can interpret it as a situation of risk. Lessen the speed progressively is not punishable. And if you think about it carefully, isn’t it even more dangerous to perform a braking strongly, and without warning, that exceed the speed limits?

The penalty would be based on two sections very specific article 53 of the Regulation of Circulation, which refer precisely to the speed reduction.

Article 53. Reduction of speed.
1. Except in case of imminent danger, driver, to significantly reduce the speed of your vehicle, you must make sure that you can do so without risk to other drivers and will be required to give notice in advance by the mode referred to in article 109, may not be performed abruptly, so that it does not produce risk of collision with vehicles travelling behind you.

2. violations of this rule will be considered serious, as envisaged in article 65.4.c) the text articles

that being Said, any situation in which frenemos immediately in front of a radar, and the agents to see that we have braking abruptly, or without warning to the vehicles that follow us, will be considered a serious violation, and, as a consequence of this will involve a 200€ fine.