You are in an accident with a BMW M3 when he shows it to his girlfriend

When you are a lover of sports and you get a vehicle of such caliber as the BMW M3, the first thing that happens is to teach all of your known the excellent performance who owns your new machine. The protagonist of this video recorded with a camera on board reactions of your girlfriend when mounted for the first time in the sports sedan German.

The problem of wanting to impress your companion in a great city as is Taiwan is it not the place to accelerate so aggressively to “satisfaction,” the co-pilot and you own it. The ideal way -and surely the only legal form– is completing some courses in a circuit, but the new owner of this BMW came up with to do it just in an avenue, dodging the traffic of the city.

as Well that is dedicated to do the shrimp endangering other users asphalt urban while his girlfriend loose yet another scream from the intensity of the accelerations. In fact, the video records the instantaneous speed of the vehicle which throws in some moments high numbers as 148 km/h.

With one doing the shrimp through the streets, it is dangerous, but if you got together with another in the same place, the accident is almost assured. Traffic signals are for a single reason, for our safety. I hope that the owner of the M3 has learned the lesson.