You are not ready for the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 1,056 hp Koenigsegg that even hide

When you see a Volkswagen Golf Mk1 down the street it is either a GTI very carefully or an old Golf D with just 50 hp under the hood. What you are prepared to see is one of the Koenigsegg Golf hide , which only reveal some black rims outwardly Porsche … and that goes 300 km / h on the Autobahn. Yes friends, are our dear Boba Motoring . Perhaps you remember as the creator of the Volkswagen Golf of 1,233 hp Bugatti Veyron couple picnicked and made the 100 km / h to 200 km / h in 3.0 seconds. Boba is back.

There was once a Golf Mk1 attached to a nuclear reactor

Its weight is less than a tonne, despite the reinforcements and permanent all-wheel drive.

Everything starts with a Volkswagen Golf Mk1, a common basis for preparations style “german”. This base has been a walkway 2.0 turbocharged engine , from a Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3. It has been turbocharged by giant turbine Garrett GTX4202R , and all internal components replaced or modified in search of greater strength. The turbo blows a tremendous 3.4 bar pressure, and the engine had to be provided with an injection cut to safeguard the mechanical … 9,000 rpm.

boba-motoring-golf-mk1-2 NG-Motorsport has modified the engine upper body while Boba Motoring has been responsible for the development of the car electronics. Its chassis has little to do with the chassis number. Instead of having front-wheel drive 4Motion system employs a permanent four wheel drive, but the tremendous power of its engine can burn gets four wheel … the same time. Because under the hood beats a time bomb of 1,056 horsepower and 1,001 Nm of torque . How will the body is?

Its top speed is well above 300 km / h … and no one dares to toserle supercar.

do not have many data of this car prestacionales not being a creation of Boba Motoring 100%, but with a weighing around a ton and such a torrent of power, will not be far from 100 km / ha 200 km / h in three seconds the Golf Mk2 above 1,233 hp. The 0-100 km / h happens in less than three seconds – fighting the loss of traction. And Boba Motoring has not yet published a video 1,151 CV evolution of this car . We’ll see what he can then …

Then it remains to check their disproportionate benefits , in competition at the Autobahn against a 182 hp Yamaha R1. Despite being one of the fastest superbikes liter, it has nothing to do with the Golf. You are not prepared to see this video …

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